Why Buy Reclaimed Wood Furniture September 04 2014

Flexibility of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

If you want furniture that’s unique, sustainable, a delightful deviation from the norm and makes a statement in any space, reclaimed wood furniture is hard to beat.

Handmade Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture has real character Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of looking at furniture made from reclaimed wood is flexibility. Most designers and makers will offer you the choice of your preferred dimensions, say, for a dining table that will be the perfect fit for your family and room. From cosy tables for two to a 12-seater for full-on feasting, lengths, widths and heights can usually be made to bespoke requirements. You decide. 
It’s because, like us, most reclaimed wood furniture makers are creating pieces that are not mass-produced, but micro-made. So, rather than factories churning out thousands of the same product on a line, everything is made to order by hand. We’ve got the blisters to prove it.

The Character of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Then there is the inherent character of the reclaimed wood furniture. It’s lived a life and, along the way, developed real character with a few interesting knocks, bumps and grazes. Walk past a reclaimed wood tabletop and it’s impossible not reach out and run your hand across its surface.

Reclaiming History

There’s also an enticing sense of history that can come with the furniture. In the past we’ve used reclaimed wood that’s come from old French railway carriages to floorboards from Romford railway station. Then again, we also boards from builder’s yards that have come to the end of their working lives and otherwise might end up in landfill. With some cleaning up, sanding down and waxing, their inherent warmth and tactile nature re-emerges.

Enhances Any Space

It’s this unique character of reclaimed wood that results in furniture that enhances any space, from contemporary to more traditional. Wood works well alongside harder modern materials, like glass, chrome and steel by ‘softening’ the overall effect of a room. Whether in a cool and airy urban space or quaint and cosy country cottage, reclaimed wood helps to make a house a home.