Reclaim Christmas this Black Friday November 28 2014

It’s madness out there and online here, people! The UK has gone Black Friday keraaaazy with shoppers tearing lumps out of each other in supermarkets to grab the biggest flatscreen!

And while it’s one of the biggest retail days of the year, with prices slashed all asunder in a frenzy of plummeting percentages, we’re asking that you pause for a mo and make decision to support our little idea to #ReclaimChristmas.

So what’s all that about, then?

Well, we’d love it if you spent some of your hard-saved Christmas kitty with a small business, independent and local shops, or with someone who reclaims, upcycles, or gets all creative with some vintage finds.

With small businesses oft called the lifeblood of the UK economy, and figures showing that for every £1 spent locally it means 50-70p re-circulates in the local economy, this festive season #ReclaimChristmas and give the little guys a Cool Yule!