Spring comes calling March 14 2015

Some early spring sunshine and the promise of fresh sea breezes blowing away winter cobwebs made a trip to the beach with friends for the first cook-out of the year a must this weekend.

Car quickly packed: bacon, frying pan, rolls, rugs, dog, bat & ball, stove we headed over to Bawdsey, where the North Sea meets the River Deben on the east coast and a sandy shoreline is just great for an al fresco brekkie. We sheltered in the lee of old concrete block tank traps to set up our makeshift kitchen and the bacon, sizzing and spitting, soon sent smells drifting into the air that drove us (dogs most of all) to distraction.

Breakfast over, a quick game of bat & ball, kids slipping about in the mud and dogs about – that’s Saturday and spring started.