Thinking about buying a reclaimed wood dining table March 30 2015 1 Comment

Salvation Furniture's reclaimed wood dining table - the UffWith its rich character, tactile texture and the warmth and interest of its grain, reclaimed wood instantly invests any space with a sense of relaxed informality - particularly the beating heart of any home: the kitchen.

Opt for a reclaimed wood dining table and it immediately exerts a kind of gravitational pull over the home, anchoring itself as the home's meeting place. Gather together, pull up a chair or bench, and get set to chew the fat, spill the beans and open a bottle to share the day's events with family and friends.

It take no time at all for tables like these to become important members of the family, and the stage where the whole spectrum of life's events are played out: from the quiet rhthym of day-to-day living, to high-spirited celebrations and moments of shared sadness.

And the wide variety of reclaimed woods, finishes and design styles means that each unique table will fit perfectly into any individual space. Without coming over all eharmony, there's a table out there that's your perfect match. 

To help in the hunt we've pulled together a few of our recent favourite finds (it's been a labour of love) that reveal the versatility of dining tables made from reclaimed wood and how they quietly enhance their surroundings.


We love this reclaimed old workbench on Pinterest which instantly adds some down-to-earth homeliness to the relaxed surroundings of this Italian kitchen. 

A small space that's big on character, this former garage (on houzz) in Amsterdam has a slice of industrial chic as its centrepiece. Chunky steel legs are the perfect complement to the reclaimed wood dining table top in this urban pad.

There's a wide variety of reclaimed wood table tops to choose from, and many of their surfaces will reveal the story of their former life, which only adds to their unique character and charm. Above is the French pine from old coal carriages that we use on various dining tables we make - complete with the original bolthole fixings retained.

A rustic style reclaimed wood dining table

This knockabout reclaimed dining table (on Pinterest) has an appealingly rustic edge, which is further highlighted by its ultra-modern and cool white surroundings. It's a great combination: the warmth and texture of the wood complementing the clean, more clinical lines of the kitchen.