Stand out; sit down. Or Five Reasons to Buy a Reclaimed Wood Dining Table April 10 2015

1. Whether your space is a converted warehouse with light from the city streaming in through floor-to-ceiling windows, or a chic n’ cosy chocolate-box bolthole in the sticks, a reclaimed dining table stands out in any setting and makes a statement.

2. Part of the beauty of reclaimed wood furniture is that each piece is as individual as its owner. Forget machine-made mass-production, we’re talking handmade in Suffolk with a mixture of love and some good old-fashioned elbow grease.

3. Reclaimed wood furniture is just so damned soothing, all warmth and relaxed looks. The perfect place to gather together.

4. We can make a table that fits perfectly into your space. While we have ‘standard’ ones on our website, we’ve made loads of tables with different dimensions. Want something longer, wider or higher? We’ll make it.

5. Reclaimed wood has character. By the bucketload. It comes from a hard-working life well lived, with each knock, gouge and bolthole all adding to the story.