Bench of Learning January 27 2016

One of London's most prestigious seats of learning now has a range of our furniture, including a pair of benches, large tables and a huge shelving unit/wall divider.

Goldmiths University of London has recently updated The Orangery, and the architects behind the project approached us to create various bespoke furniture to fill the airy space.  

Perhaps the most visually striking piece is the large open shelving system that also acts as a natural room divider. Made in angle iron with interspersed shelves of reclaimed wood, it's simplicity of design and cubed open compartments is a room focal point.

We think the character of the reclaimed wood tops helps to ensure that, even though it's a large space, it's warm and welcoming. Here's a couple more shots that show how the mix of sleek and angled furniture in steel and wood works incredibly well as a counterpoint in a fairly traditional setting, don't you think?