Salvation brochure now available March 09 2016

Exciting times for at Salvation HQ! Our brand new (and first ever!) brochures arrived in the post recently.

We're thrilled with the look and feel of them. They've got great shots of our reclaimed furniture by Suffolk photographer, Craig Girling. We spent an enjoyable day with Craig in the Cold War chic of creative hub Old Jet Studios, tucked away on the atmospherically eerie ex-US Air Force base at Rendlesham.

After a long day moving tables and benches into position (and, we won't deny it, more than a few cups of coffee (nice one, Craig)), we think the undeniable character of our reclaimed wood tops and the angled steel frames quietly occupy the white space with a pure and ethereal feel.

What say you?

If you'd like a brochure or know someone who might, get in touch and we'll pop one in the post to you.