The modern rustic look - how to get it in your home March 29 2017

In the round-the-clock, rush-hour ride of modern living we all need some down time. A few moments to hunker down, foot dangling over a chair with nose in a book; or sharing and tearing hunks off fresh-baked bread with friends. Simple pleasures. Time to recharge. 

And arguably the perfect setting for some much-needed R&R is a modern rustic space.

Various design, products and interior elements all go into creating a successful and welcoming kicked-back look. We've pulled together a round-up of inspirational interior design ideas and images to help you nail the modern rustic vibe and make the perfect pad to put some down-shift heaven into your 24/7.

Modern Rustic inspiration

A modern rustic interior design with natural textures and simple elements

Belgian designer Alex Veroordt's interior design for this living space instantly evokes calm and a welcoming warmth. Simplicity and a sense of balance is key. The restful and muted tones of the walls and flooring combine with natural textures. By using antique country furniture or reclaimed wood, rich in patina and character, and combining with modern pieces, it's eclectic air makes it instantly relaxed and cosy. (photo - Laziz Hamani)

Above is a sneak peak inside the former Florida home of Calvin Klein which, again, embraces the modern rustic feel effortlessly. The aged farmhouse table takes centre-stage and acts as the perfect platform for a pair of eathernware pots. Whitewashed beams give an airy feeling of space, and the entire walls and floor are the perfect canvas for beautiful examples of humble country furniture. (photo - Douglas Elliman)

The natural character of a reclaimed dining table is central to a modern rustic setting

Denmark's Norm Architects created a tasty slice of modern rustic simplicity for Copenhagen restaurant Höst. The space retains its stucco brick walls and wooden frameworks, while furniture of old character wood are the perfect ingredients for a setting to sit back and enjoy lunch.

The cosy informality of a modern rustic inspired living room

A casual, welcoming feel makes this living space the perfect country-inspired room, with natural materials and textures a central theme. A mix of reclaimed wood, bare concrete and rough stone is softened with comfy sofas and a warm rug. 

The character oak of our tables invests them with a modern rustic feel

The dining table, of course, is a key component in any modern rustic-inspired kitchen, as the relaxed destination for family and friends to gather. Our Lily dining table in character oak has been sympathetically aged to recreate the look of reclaimed wood, resulting in a table that wouldn't look out of place in a farmhouse kitchen. The modern angles of the steel frame gives the Lily a contemporary edge, perfect for urban farmhouses or off-track country cottages.

Ten materials to use for a modern rustic feel

  1. Bare concrete or white on floors and walls
  2. Character or reclaimed wood for furniture, wall panelling, flooring and shelving
  3. Wicker baskets for logs and newspapers
  4. Layering of natural fabrics, such as blankets and heavy linens
  5. Antique furniture - think country oak or pine tables, cupboards and chests
  6. Handmade ceramics for vases, pots and jugs in earthy tones and simple shapes
  7. Textured leather and sheepskin
  8. A mismatched set of vintage and antique dining chairs
  9. Artisan-made items, including turned wooden bowls, whittled kitchen utensils, handcrafted furniture
  10. Exposed wood beams in the ceiling or walls 

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the modern rustic look in the comments below.