Huge Rustic Reclaimed Wood table top for Small Gatherings September 09 2016

We were recently approached by Emma and Cat from local events company, Small Gatherings, who are hosting dinners in a wonderfully styled old Nissan Hut tucked away in the Suffolk countryside. The creative pair are planning to hold events that gather together like-minded people to eat good food, share ideas, enjoy works of art and draw inspiration from one another. Sounds good, hey?

A long reclaimed wood table in modern-country style on trestle legs

Emma and Cat wanted a huge rustic style table for their inaugural event and asked Salvation to make it. The result was a long modern-country style top of reclaimed wood planks, limewaxed and joined to reach over three metres in length, resting on simple trestles.

Magazine stylist, Emma and graphic designer, Cat, did a superb job in creating a homely and relaxed atmosphere by suitably dressing the venue, so check out a few of their shots and find out more about them on Instagram.

Reclaimed wood table in a simple plank formation

The rustic appeal of a reclaimed wood table top, perfect for informal dining

A long reclaimed wood table top in simple planks with a lime wax finish, resting on trestle legs

A relaxed place setting on a reclaimed wood table top, perfect for a relaxed meal