New product - Lily dining table: character oak March 27 2017

The Lily dining table in character oakFew woods can claim to have the natural charisma of oak.

Much more than just a mere wood, oak appeals to us on an emotional and symbolic level, with its natural warmth, beautiful configurations in its grain, and robust, hard- wearing properties. All good reasons why it is so rooted in our national psyche.

The Lily Dining Table: character oak

With our Lily dining table we wanted to celebrate the innate nature of oak, while giving it the same lived-in look and relaxed appeal of reclaimed wood. We chose character oak for the task. Character oak's combination of occasional knots of differing size, variety of shade and the odd shake here and there makes it the perfect material for a dining table that's rich in personality.

Once selected, we age the timber and invest it with the look of reclaimed wood by using stains, specially adapted tools and artful sanding. Finally, we finish the oak with a tough varnish for protection and to enhance its visual appeal.

The result is an oak dining table that has the integral strength of new kiln-dried wood alongside the warmth and character of reclaimed wood. 

For the frame we took inspiration from the look of a simple farmhouse table, giving it a modernist twist for contemporary spaces. It's a great example of modern rustic good looks. 

Here's some of favourite shots of a recent photoshoot of our new Lily dining table: character oak - we'd love to hear what you think in the comments section.

The natural appeal of character oak on our new Lily dining table

Lily has the look of a reclaimed oak dining table

We use various techniques to make the Lily look like a reclaimed oak dining table