Birch plywood dining table - The Hoo April 04 2017

We've been working hard on a number of new designs for dining tables recently, and wanted to create something with clean-cut contemporary lines that also incorporated a rustic edge. 

We've long been fans of birch plywood, loving the pattern of its grains and pale shade. Plywood is a choice of wood that works so well in modern spaces. And by combining a plywood table top with steel tube legs, we're thrilled to unveil our Hoo plywood dining table.

Birch plywood dining table - The Hoo

The birch plywood top has been sanded back to a smooth face, the corners rounded off and then finished with several coats of Danish oil. We've found that the oil allows the plywood to keep its pale shade, rather than becoming too 'orangey', while providing a hard-wearing, waterproof surface.

The pale shade of our birch plywood dining table

In these pictures, the tube legs are finished in a fetching storm grey powder coat, but they could also be left 'raw' covered in a clear lacquer or funked up with various other colours. 

The steel legs of our birch plywood dining table are finished in powder coat

The result is quietly cool slice of design that would work in any modern interior design settings - either as a standout home dining table or office desk. And as these plywood tables are all handmade in Suffolk, the dimensions - length and width - can be adapted to suit any space.