The simple pleasure of UN-EARTHED October 17 2016

We were truly thrilled and honoured to be approached a few months back by the organisers of the annual Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival to be included in a book celebrating Suffolk's local food, drink, creative spirits and unique landscape.

And we were even more over the moon this weekend to get our copy of the book, UN-EARTHED, in the post. 

Salvation in Un-Earthed from the Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival

Curated by Jess Brown and written by Tessa Allingham and Frances Hopewell-Smith, the result is a truly sumptuous feast of words and pictures that captures the county's real sense of place and the lives of the people who call it home - from chefs and micro-brewers, to farmers and artists.

Un-Earthed book from The Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival

For us, it was lovely to meet photographer and food blogger Keiko Oikawa who came to our small workshop back in July, and took some beautifully evocative snaps of the space, complete with all the motes of sawdust, discarded sanding belts and wax-crusted rags.

Throughout the book, she's captured wonderful scenes of her various subject's places of work and the timeless rural settings that surround them from farmland to winding river estuaries and coast. 

Un-Earthed from the Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival

UN-EARTHED also includes a wholesome selection of recipes created using locally sourced ingredients - from the heart-warming simplicity of wholemeal bread to Suffolk's own 'paella'.    


UN-EARTHED is available to buy from The Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival's website and at £15 makes a great Christmas treat for foodies and devotees of Suffolk (just like us).