About Us

Shed on the shoreline at Thorpeness in Suffolk

Seed sowing and vegetable growing. Scribbling and painting, doing and making. Shed heads and shack addicts. Explorers and wanderers, turning off-trackers. Sunset watching, waiting for moonrise. Open-air cook-outs in a fresh beach breeze. 

Noodling about at a vintage market. Racing each other, full pelt down a hill. Woodland walks on a misty Sunday. Gathered faces, smiling in a campfire’s glow. Lazy brunches, endless cuppas. Balmy evenings, heading to swim in the stream. Freaking out at the Friday night kitchen disco. Wet afternoons, warm blankets, old films. Creaky floorboards. Hugs. Quiet corners and good books. Family. Friends.

Standing small beneath tall ancient oaks. Blue, blue skies. Telling stories. More hugs. The whisper of reeds. Picking autumn apples. The churning sea. Lucky stones on a string. Being mighty fine to others.

Cooking together. Eating together. Being together.

Salvation. It’s not about us. It’s all about you.

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