Character & Reclaimed Wood and Steel Furniture

Salvage reclaimed wood boards that have come to the end of their working lives. Or source character wood with rustic warmth. Create sleek steel frames.

Sand. Join. Wax or varnish. Add some colour to funk up the frames.

Combine together to make furniture that will bring the perfect partnership of rustic charm and understated modernism to your space. Furniture that nods to Scandinavian design and the cosy welcome of farmhouse kitchens. 

With many pieces made by hand in our small Suffolk workshop, our reclaimed wood and character dining tables and seating will be uniquely yours.

And making many items by hand means you can easily change any dimensions to get furniture that's the perfect fit for your space - longer, wider or taller.

It's simple - if you can't see the size you want on our products pages, get in touch and we can have a chat about making exactly what you need.

Bring a slice of Scandinavian cool and warm, rustic Suffolk soul to your home

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