Kanteen table: scaffy



The Kanteen table: scaffy is the perfect partnership of the modern minimalism of its pared-back steel frame with the natural character of a reclaimed dining table.

The reclaimed wood planks – still retaining all the characterful knocks, cracks and scars of their former working lives – are carefully selected, and then sanded and joined. A clear wax or white wax finish draws out the personality of the pale wood and provides a hard-wearing, waterproof coating.

The steel frame can be supplied with its raw, industrial-style finish intact (protected by a waterproof coating) or can be enlivened with an eye-catching choice of powder-coated colours.


If you can't see the size you want listed, it's no problem at all: we can easily hand make the Kanteen longer, wider or taller to suit your requirements - and it won't cost much more. Simply send us a message on our 'contact us' page and we can have a chat. 

Lead-in time on delivery is 6-8 weeks (hand-making furniture from scratch takes a little time!).

We love the nooks, knocks and shakes that give salvaged wood its character – and suspect you’re of the same mind. Reclaimed wood (indeed, any wood) may continue to evolve in your home, subject to heating, humidity, toddlers and the like, adding to its rich life-story and personality.


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